Jeremiah Jae digs deeper on his self-produced project, ‘The Decline of Black Anakin EP’


One of the better projects this year had Jeremiah Jae teaming up with Mello Music Group producer L’Orange for a collaborative full-length called The Night Took Us In Like FamilyJae isn’t the type to dwell on one project though — especially one that had him only on the mic. He’s a worker and an artist and that’s where The Decline of Black Anakin EP comes in. His newest project is completely produced by him and has him digging deeper into the darkness. It’s as if the shadowed gangster from The Night Took Us In Like Family was throw into a spin-off that magnified his key elements. The production is similar to his work on Good Times, but grittier and more melancholic. Jae snipes his way through his bars and he also brings in Black Jungle Squad members in to feature on tracks throughout.

Short at eight tracks, but sweet. I’m going to go dive deeper into this story as you should too. Enjoy: