Sebastian Paul warps and soothes with his album, ‘The Messiah Complex’


Last month, I stumbled upon the enigmatic Sebastian Paul on SoundCloud and was immediately mesmerized by his spacey, electronic and minimal soundscape topped with his warped vocals that gave an essence of Jai Paul mixed with James Blake and marinated in folk and indie flavors. After doing some research on the guy, there was nothing to find. His SoundCloud was the only piece of existence I could find, but it was enough to prep me for what was to come: The Messiah Complex.

The Messiah Complex puts you aboard a voyage of 12 tracks through the character that is Sebastian Paul. There’s a dream state feel throughout the project, where as feel like you’re drowning into Paul’s thoughts (stand-outs like “Roses” and “Stuck on Repeat”), you are also being led into a resolving end to all the twisted turns with the Mac DeMarco-esque “I Have Lived” into the instrumental “Death.”

Check it out below and get familiar as Sebastian Paul’s musical ability and repertoire of sounds won’t go unheard.