Greyhat turns Gallant into a sleek robotic surfer on his remix of “Weight In Gold”

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 12.58.51 PM

Gallant has been on a roll with his latest singles. He first caught my attention with his ballad “Open Up” with the way his vocals were both powerful and sensual. “Weight In Gold” is his last release and has already been tackled by the producer community, including Ta-ku, but conquering the pack is one of my recent favorites, Greyhat.

The original song is powered through by Gallant’s voice as the production stays minimal and Greyhat doesn’t let his producer mindset warp that mentality. Instead, he enhances its subtle sparkles with skipping percussion and waves of synthesizers. Gallant’s voice echoes and rides these waves like a sleek robotic surfer that can morph into the water as he pleases.

I hope SoundCloud doesn’t lay the hammer on all the remixes. Tracks like these need to be heard and shared.

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