Two out-of-print Iman Omari tapes are getting a cassette release with unreleased and bonus tracks


Fresh Selects are prepping their next release to follow-up one of my favorite projects this year, Seven Sundays, by SiR. Their next project brings Iman Omari and a couple of his out-of-print tapes to light with a cassette release. High-Loops & Higher Loops will get a proper release on September 18 along with a handful of bonus and unreleased tracks.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out the projects when he dropped them for a little (like me — I remember trying to find one or both of them at some time), thank Fresh Selects for this rebirthing. The preview of some newness with “L.A. Vibe” is grainy heaven. Smooth strings intertwine with echoing adlibs and tumbling snares that makes me feel like I’m riding a cloud through the decades.

You can pre-order the cassette, which includes twenty-two tracks, over at their Bandcamp. I recommend going through the rest of their releases while you’re at it.