Follow Greyhat on his new SoundCloud; listen to his new track “Nuthin On U”

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Greyhat has been one of my favorite finds on SoundCloud over the years. From working with the Hellfyre Club gang to dropping a single with ODESZA’s label, he has shown versatility and uniqueness that can only be defined by clicking play. His style dabbles in between perfectly offset glitch percussion and electrifying buzzing synthesizers that ride out with structures like that of a well-thought out jazz piece with all the voices coming together.

Due to some statistic skews, Greyhat is moving over to a new account on SoundCloud and introduces himself with a new track called “Nuthin On U.” A smooth listen with fluttering percussion that’s only interrupted by staggering vocals sang by him (the talent continues to pile) is perfect to glide you by on this Wednesday morning.

Listen below and make sure you’re following him on his new account: