Enter froyo ma’s playground called ‘pants’


I’ve been following froyo ma for about a year now and based off only a few singles off of his SoundCloud, I’ve become an avid fan. These singles that he’s thrown on SoundCloud to build the following he has has only lead up to this point. He finally has given us his debut EP called pants that consists of five tracks and a bonus one that is as playful as it is technical. pants is a playground, but every structure is a different color and sticks out on its own. “spent missing” is a soothing blend of R&B and soul that flirted with jazz a bit and brings in the angelic voice of Charlotte Day Wilson. (Angelic is definitely underwhelming when it describes the way she glows over this track.) “there” makes you want to skip around outside when the first day of good weather comes around, while “squid limbo” is pensive and pungent with a cherry on top in the form of a demanding Mr. Yote verse.

I chatted it up with froyo over Facebook and got to ask him a few questions about pants and how he hopes to get pregnant. Stream the project, download it for free and read our conversation below:

What makes you the “ma” of frozen yogurt?

hahahaha man my name sucks so much god damn

What instruments do you play and for how long?

i play guitar. i studied saxophone for a while but u basically have to be rly rly good at it for it to not sound like shit in ur songs. like jazz chops n stuff n i jst wasn’t good/dedicated enough so i kinda have stepped back from it WHICH I THINK A LOT OF PPL PLAYING SAXOPHONE ON BEATS SHLD DO OK OK *SHADE*

I’ve only known about your music for a year and some bit and only to the extent of loose SoundCloud drops. What were you doing before you brought your music to SoundCloud?

i’ve actually been posting shit on sc since i started making beats and they were trash fl studio boom bap beats lmao but i had a different terrible name back then. before that i was jst playing saxophone and guitar for fun and in school bands n stuff

I find it cool how there’s a small community that I follow on SoundCloud that constantly supports each other regardless of location from you in New Orleans to J’Von in Seattle to greyhat in Portland to the newest Brainfeeder member Iglooghost in the UK. How did these connections come about? Was it just a simple SoundCloud comment to the next?

yea basically jst all thru soundcloud. the internet is crazy.

On the topic of SoundCloud, how do you feel about the current state with account shut downs and major labels oozing their way in?

uhhhhh idk i think its dumb but @allThings #mustComeToAnEnd i guess. i wanna break free from being so reliant on the web anyway so FUK U SOUNDCLOUD

How long have you been preparing your ‘Pants’ EP?

so long lol its silly but finally its time and i’m super excited to like move past it and make cooler stuff

What’s the difference between releasing an EP than releasing your songs one-by-one like you have been for quite a while?

the songs i release on sc are jst tracks i throw together quickly and i usually drop them on impulse so i think hopefully the ep is a bit more refined/clean. especially since my boy @VINNY #DANK hopped on the mastering

You have some singing throughout your EP and your voice is now fitting snugly with your production. Did you always feel like you could sing or what inspired you to whip out the mic?

dude i always wanted to sing and like one time a year ago i made a cover of ‘awkward’ by tyler (one of da bess songs ever) and it was fucking terrible haha only me and elijah (off.white) have it so i didn’t try again until ‘fish socks’ i sang on the end of that and then ‘there’ on the ep was the first time i like sang on something w/ jst my natural voice. idk i’m not a singer but i hope to be one some day #prayFor @me !!!

You have only a few features on this project including J’Von and Mr. Yote, but the most intriguing one to me is the beautiful voice of Charlotte Day Wilson. How did this collaboration come about?

yo charlotte is so tight fuckkkkkkkkkkk i think amani fela posted a link to her music one day and i was like YOOO and then here we are

What do you want people to feel when they’re done listening to pants?

i want them to feel physically jst terrible. sore, bruised, u name it. i made this ep to hurt ppl

What’s up next for froyo ma? Do you have any goals set for yourself in regards to music?

im gonna learn how to sing and shit and make a whole project of singing stuff. idk i wanna make a song w/ justin bieber rly bad so if anyone has the #plug hit me up also i hope i get pregnant