Open Mike Eagle & Serengeti are Cavanaugh; Watch the dark video for “Screen Play”

I missed it the first time around, but I’m glad I caught it as a video because it weighs that much more. Open Mike Eagle and Serengeti are long overdue as Cavanaugh, but with “Screen Play,” this project will be an adventure right down their intertwining lanes.

With Ryan Calavano (huge fan of this guys work — has worked with Open Mike Eagle before, as well as Dag Savage) on the video work, the track’s tone is centered on point like the dart boards at The Brooklyn Bar. The characters come to life, but in an honest manner. Meeting up at a local bar and seeing them through a small corrupted peephole, we learn about the lives and troubles of “Mike” and “Dave” outside their day jobs as maintenance crew workers servicing a new building that has both luxurious units and section 7 housing. The black-and-white visuals with heavy contrast paints enough a picture alongside the instrumental (done by Open Mike Eagle) to showcase the lives of these two workers.

Time and Materials drops November 20. Pre-order a cassette over at Mello Music Group’s site or a digital copy at Mike’s Bandcamp.