Watch Chester Watson’s long-needed video for “Picbascassquiato”

I became a fan of Chester Watson through “Phantom”, but “Picbascassquiato” was the one that got me hooked.

It was simple, yet warped to perfection. The Psymun production entraps the ominous essence of Chester’s vocal presence and it happens so effortlessly that one verse is enough. There’s so much to appreciate about the small piece of art and now the video is another bullet point.

The visuals are crisply done by Julia Updegraff, who adds a nice grainy finish over Chester and the Nu Age crew hanging around at the basketball courts. Chester struts with an ancient aura and otherworldly rhymes, but walks in a casual manner and he passes the ball and blunt.

If Tin Wooki didn’t make it to your ears while you were living under a rock, I won’t judge you. Just get to listening.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 12.25.55 AM