Download J’Von’s new EP, ‘no motions’


After making way for his local crew to drop their projects (Zuke Saga – Megalon, Dex Amora & goldenbeets - Ai Level), it’s J’Von‘s time to step up to the plate with his new project called, No Motions. J’Von is the leader from start to finish, keeping control of the art, the production, the raps and the mastering.

J’Von has honed his skills into a synchronized galaxy that lives in dusty, swinging bliss. The crackles in J’Von’s samples are as beautiful and graceful as his ninja-like, sharp flow throughout no motions. He spills raw emotion onto his canvases and covers topics from love to determination to just flexing his lyrical skills.

His project is free to download, but throw the man $5 towards some new equipment!