Stoop Kids (ScienZe & Sene) release their free EP called ‘Never Left The Stoop’


It was more than three years ago when the two New Yorkers came together to drop a song called “Suicide Kings” under the name Stoop Kids. It was awesome at the time to see ScienZe and Sene working together outside of collaborations with Blu and they said they had a project on the way under that name. But like most of these ideas, it withered away into the blog archives. Fast forward to last night and it’s here. No promo. Just released out of the air for free on Bandcamp making the wait come to an end.

At six tracks, five are produced by EOM and the first track produced by IAMBODI. The New Yorkers are smooth and the production glistens and allows their skills to shine. It’s been a while since we’ve heard Sene rap this much and he quickly reminds that his bars never fall short of being sharp and flowing. I’m about to dive in some more into this and make this my Thanksgiving soundtrack, as should you.