Voyage into froyo ma’s world of love on “think @bt”

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 10.30.48 AM


While froyo ma illustrates this track with a rugged space robot smoking a cigarette, there’s a warped drape of raw emotions happening on “think @bt.” Being the first single since he dropped pants, froyo sways his voice to bleeping bubbling synthesizers. His voice is drawn-out in terms of iterating words, but leads the main track in its melody. When the spotlight focuses on froyo’s message, we find ourselves surrounded in froyo’s world of being in love with the admiration and reception he gets from a certain girl.

froyo is connecting all the dots in his music. The bouncing bass melodies that hum into stuttering synthesizers are the perfect soundscape to froyo’s continuously improving voice. Check out “think @bt” below and get your hands on his pants if you haven’t yet.