E. Grady lays down swinging keys for J’Von’s honest reflections on “Sunday.Service”

E. Grady tied up with the Catman! (Art by J’Von)

I just got home from work and on the way home I picked up an Italian sub from this place that was 5/5 stars rated on Yelp. (No bullshit either — 123 reviews, that’s perfection.) Taking the first few bites as I click play on the tracks I left myself to check out from the night before and there wasn’t a more perfect complement to this toasted mix of salami, ham and capicola than E. Grady and J’Von‘s new track “Sunday.Service.”

Chopped up pianos that swing back and forth along to J’Von’s reflective honesty on the system he’s thrown into where he may be seen or valued differently for having a nappy beard or scuffed Nike’s. He wants to be accepted for these character traits, so much that he’ll only have babies with Jennifer Hudson. Golden goals for a “blucollar” worker but with demeanor like his, the world is up for grabs.

E. Grady is dropping his project on his birthday on January 16. More to come on that soon — happy early birthday!