ScienZe and J’Von journey over cruising King I Divine production on “Georgia State.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 11.45.05 PM

J’Von took a trip out to New York a few months ago and linked up with ScienZe. Some work had to get done and “Georgia State.” is the result.

With King I Divine on the board, you heard the smoothness coming in. The drums are steady and a talk box-ish bed plays through the background as violin hums along. ScienZe journeys through his verse in typical fashion as he is dreaming like he’s sinking. J’Von sneaks through with a quick slicing verse as his flow is cutting through the saxophone riffs and even has time to let us know that he knows ScienZe killed the first verse.

Boom bap drums. Saxophone. Violin. Great raps. GeorgiaTapeLP drops soon: