froyo ma is on an adventure to rescue J’Von on “the escape from the evil queen”

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 11.34.38 PM

It comes so effortlessly when you’re so talented. Or at least that’s how it sounds for J’Von and froyo ma who teamed up for their new track “the escape from the evil queen.” J’Von provides the artwork that looks like the front cover of an Adventure Time comic book, which it kind of feels to lean towards. With a mini back story putting “Catman” stuck in a fortress by an evil queen and froyo ma as the rescuer, the smooth keys and clicking percussion feel like a story time-appropriate soundscape. froyo is only here to bring his vocals for a change and his talent has gotten to the point where he can do that. Soft croons introduce the track with a starry, lullaby feel right before J’Von brings in the laid-back snaps for raps to wrap it up.

Check it out below. Not sure if they have anything on the way. I think this is just to prove that they can kill it for no reason.