Damacha returns with icey electronic vibes on ‘3E3240′


I first heard Damacha alongside fellow Minneapolis native Psymun and their collaborative project Serious Sauce Volume 3. Since then, he’s moved ship to China and has allowed his music to soak in his surroundings. While his last few releases showcased this and flipped his older style completely, Damacha has reached a new level of character on his newest release 3E3240.

TuHaoJin was very upbeat, gritty and felt like a hole-in-the-wall Chinese dance club. 3E3240 is like that, but imagine the dance club is now on a tranquil ice planet where extraterrestrials have ditched the rowdy dancing and are moving in a blissful cadence. Damacha creative juices are tingling and it’s apparent on tracks like “purple is dead” where his synthesizers are on an intertwined adventure with sporadic production. But he’s not only shining when his fingers are racing, one of my favorite track is the smooth gliding “moonrise at the castle” that makes me feel like Mario in a penguin suit.

It’s a free download, but it sounds like a project that cost many hours to make, so grab it appropriately. Enjoy and keep up with Damacha in the future.