Listen to Kirkis’ buzzing new single called “Cold Crush”

Artwork by the one-and-only, doodle master Gangster Doodles.

It’s time for Fresh Selects to start their rollout in 2016. Label founder Kenny promised us at least one release a month and based off their 2015 output, it’s going to be a hell of a year.

They’re kicking it off with a 7″ single from Kirkis and remixed by Mndsgn on the flip side. The neat part about the record is that Kirkis’ track, “Cold Crush,” started as a remix of a Mndsgn track off of the first Fresh Selects release Breatharian when the label failed to sign the artist due to other obligations, but the track took its own turn and morphed into a separate creation. Years later, the track is completed and to make it full circle as they said, Mndsgn remixed the track.

The track is buzzing with distorted, hopping synthesizers as Kirkis’ voice echoes and bounces off the vibrating walls of the track. The percussion keeps up with the synthesizers and skips around and makes your limbs want to act in ways they’ve never acted before. There’s layers for day on this track and they sneak up on you as you just begin to feel comfortable with what you’re listening to — the discomfort is the best part though.

The 7″ single releases on January 29 via Fresh Selects and you can pre-order it now.