Get jazzy with E. Grady’s new project ‘Be That As It May’


You should know him by now if you follow up with us frequently, but you recognize the name if you follow any budding hip-hop talent in Seattle. He’s worked with Zuke Saga, J’Von and Dex Amora, to name a few, but this time around he’s solo and focusing on a more concise sound.

E. Grady’s new project, Be That As It May, takes the fusion of jazz and hip-hop to a different plateau. “Jazzy hip-hop” usually sounds like a chopped sample suffocated by boom-bap drums, while E. Grady’s take embraces the sample and lets it breathe over swaying percussion. It’s a project that goes perfect with the chill weather (it’s in the 50s in South Florida — this is freezing) and will go even better with the breezy spring in a couple months.

The project is free to download and you can grab it over at our Bandcamp. Follow E. Grady on SoundCloud to stay up to date with the Seattle producer’s work.