Noname Gypsy floats over airy, psychedelic production on “All I Need”

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 2.48.25 PM

It might just be a misconception on my part, but every time I hear Noname Gypsy resurface it baffles me that her career has yet to surpass where it currently sits. The Chicago emcee isn’t merely consistent, but her focus on quality control is something to be applauded. In an age when the status quo is to oversaturate your own catalogue, she chooses to do the exact opposite. On par with the best of what the culture has to offer, her speech is effortless and elegant in nature.

Yesterday, her newest offering came in the form of a track titled “All I Need,” which features production from Saba and THEMpeople. This time around Noname has enlisted the likes of SPZRKT for a hook that fits all too well.  The collab feels natural rather than contrived, which is refreshing considering the current climate in sound. In her typical fashion, Chicago’s Noname litters the track with a sprawling dialogue of sultry vocals that flow in a poetic fashion. It’s that sort of sound and vibe that takes you another space. I could wax poetic about it all day, but
I’d rather you just give a listen and space out.