Blu and Fa†e announce ‘Open Your Optics To Optimism’


It’s been a while in the works (February 2015 to be exact), but it has now come to light that Blu and Fa†e are working on a project together.

After a handful of collaborations in the past, it just seemed right. Fa†e revealed the news to local paper San Diego City Beat as he explains how the project came to be, “He’s usually not on the more ambient style of productions. So we kind of just decided to jump into this project together.” Titled Open Your Optics To Optimism, it’s based around a concept: “It’s about the journey of an individual who decides to go to space.”

The two California natives are currently wrapping up Open Your Optics To Optimism (to be released through EveryDejaVu — us!) and we will be giving you more updates soon. For now, listen to their latest collaboration, “Summer/Winter,” also featuring Kevin Abstract.