Swarvy & Pink Siifu give us the first single from ‘twothousandnine’ called “Breakfast Flowers”


Here are two new names to the blog.

Swarvy and Pink Siifu are Los Angeles natives teaming up for a new project called twothousandnine. Swarvy is a producer/instrumentalist who released his latest four-volume (40 tracks!) project, Stunts, through House Shoes’ Street Corner Music. He’s also collaborating and currently working on music with another LA native we’re a big fan of, Versis. Pink Siifu is very talented vocalist having a great range and functionality to his voice. If you’re a frequent of the Cali hip-hop live show scene, you’ve seen Pink Siifu; in the crowd or on stage.

“Breakfast Flowers” puts together the two’s talents into a lighthearted love song perfect for transitioning season time. Pink Siifu floats along like a romantic poet over Swarvy’s swinging, punchy production as he tries to convince the one he loves that he can make her happy. Siifu’s voice is unique as it crackles with reverb, but it’s perfectly-suited for Swarvy’s off-kilter, warm production that will work nicely as a full-length project.

twothousandnine comes out on Sunday and you can pre-order the digital copy now via Swarvy’s Bandcamp. Get hooked with “Breakfast Flowers” below: