weird inside creates an animated visual dedicated to his mom for “breathing”

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 1.28.22 PM

weird inside is currently prepping an EP called as we know and as his first push of promotion he announced that along with a new animated video for his track “breathing.”

“breathing” is led by instrumentation with a blend of electric and bass guitar, synths, distorted and reversed tones that create this passionate soundscape that journeys through weird inside’s feelings. It really hits when accompanied with the animated visuals he provides that tell the story of his (or the character in the video’s) mom and her health complications. It has him going through old polaroids of the two, as well as him being by her side in the hospital. It’s very emotional and words could not describe the those moments better than this track and his visuals.

Check out the video below and be on the look out for as we know, available for pre-order digitally and on vinyl on February 11.