Allow your mind to drift throughout Annabel (lee)’s ‘By The Sea​.​.​. and Other Solitary Places’


“Few and far between is there anything that catches me in the way that your sound does.” Those are the perfect words I used when addressing Annabel (lee). There’s more that could be said, but words often fall short of capturing context. It frustrates me that this project is just now finding its way to my ears. With that said, I’m not surprised given the current musical climate. The record I speak of By The Sea… and Other Solitary Places was released via the Ninja Tune label in April of 2015. Co-contributors Annabel (vocals) and Richard E. (production) managed to craft a piece of material that transcends my previous notions of what today’s artist was capable of.

When my roommate recommended I give it a listen I hadn’t a clue what I was getting into. Within seconds of playing “Believe” I cringed ever so slightly due to sheer disbelief in what I’d heard. The sultry and tender vocals accompany a myriad of sampled strings and various orchestral sounds to create a marriage like no other. Although the soundscapes are programmed, had I not been informed I wouldn’t have guessed as much. Sonically one immediately picks up on influences such as Billie Holiday, Erik Satie and Miles Davis to name a few. Although the inspiration is prevalent, By The Sea is something all it’s own. This is one of those rare pieces of work that makes reality seem as if it was all a facade. The soundscapes allow ones mind to drift and wander to spaces that can’t quite be comprehended. It’s an experience that mere text couldn’t possibly embellish. Rather than take my word for it, I suggest you give it an objective listen via the stream below: