Listen to Ivan Ave & Mndsgn’s new album, ‘Helping Hands’


Almost a year and a half ago, I was sleeping. Sleeping on a Norwegian rapper named Ivan Ave. I knew of his counterpart producer Mndsgn from his earlier releases, but it took me a few months to get my ears around to their project together, Low Jams.

Fast forward over some time of keeping those handful of tracks in steady rotation, we have their debut album out called Helping Hands. On a day surrounded around Kanye criticism (good and very bad), Helping Hands comes in to compliment your nice weathered Friday. The production is smooth, cohesive and ridden with thick bass to groove Ave along. Ivan Ave is a story teller from minimal anecdotes to larger lessons with a unique, chill-yet-rugged flow.

The honesty in his delivery and the crispy crackles of the percussion are a perfect ride through Helping Hands. Stream it below and grab a copy through Jakarta Records on vinyl or cassette.