MEDHANE hopes death comes late on “baby”


I haven’t had a chance to keep readers in-tune with MEDHANE lately, but he’s been on a run of single drops leading up to his upcoming tape, MED TAPE VOL. 1. (I’m not sure if it’s all caps or he’s just excited about it. I’m guessing both.)

His newest in line is “baby,” a short track produced by half pint wielding artwork of Bart Simpson falling through the sky. While the art could easily be just a novelty nod at a favorite show, it fits the feel of the song — adventurous, honest, somber-toned. The production matches the dreary backdrop with a bit of mysticism as MEDHANE raps on being young and smoking choppers and blunts and all that good stuff. But while he’s soaring through his life enjoying his youth, he stops to think that death is coming eventually: he just hope’s it comes late.

Listen to “baby” below and be on the look out for MED TAPE VOL. 1. And don’t tell anyone if you’re sleeping on Greys in Yellow; just grab it.