Argyle Cozbee gives us a mini memoir with ‘Good Mourning’


There’s been two things in rotation this past week for me. It’s been a busy one and haven’t been able to post much, but the internet went slightly silent when Kendrick Lamar lit it up with a handful of demos that were better than everybody’s lifelong work in album form. That’s the first project that I have in rotation.

The second is Argyle Cozbee’s Good Mourning. It’s a pocketbook giving us an insight into Argyle Cozbee’s life. It’s a mini memoir, showcasing a few small excerpts that highlight key themes that have carried him along. It’s on withered paper, written with a quill pen. He’s stumbled on his way home, alone, but his dreams keep his head high and towards the glowing light. His experience and struggles have formed him as the rapper he is over dusty drums and crackling samples. The production is hazy like his mind state on drugs and some brews.

Argyle Cozbee is a sinner at God’s doorstep, but he embraces it. Dive into his mind and feel his story: