Jameszoo is Brainfeeder’s new artist; Listen to the adventurous “Flake”

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.57.36 PM

Flying Lotus does not miss a beat in the beat scene (ha). Jameszoo is an experimental Dutch producer who’s been at it for a bit but is releasing his first project since 2013 through Brainfeeder on May 13. It’s so easy to throw a term like “video game music” at an artist like Jameszoo because video game music is always so inventive — especially when my generation was growing up. But Jameszoo is a blend of video game music genres. I feel like I’m going from a village in Animal Crossing to a retro tetris arcade game to an intense chat sequence in an RPG. The whirling synthesizers are unpredictable yet gorgeous. They’re funky and keep your heading nodding, but the rocking cadence will not distract you from the technicality put into the sporadic sounds from the beautiful piano progressions to the spazzing laser entries.

There’s so much to enjoy on Jameszoo’s “Flake” that multiple plays aren’t just recommended, they come natural. Fool comes May 13 via Brainfeeder.