Listen to Tobias’ 12-minute beautiful composition called “Side B”


Tobias has finally blessed us with the flip side to his 12-minute track “Side A” with an equally as long, equally as beautiful composition called — you guessed it — “Side B.” Side B consists of four different tracks and for being a 12-minute completion, it’s stuffed with many turns and doors that bring us to soundscapes of emotion-soaked synth progressions. “Til It’s Over” brings in Caleb Giles and Medhane to rhyme words and the song is broken up into two segments to allow the two rappers to breathe their own air in their respective environments. The highlight of “Side B” comes with the second half of the track, where the percussion steadies up and the keys are racing but are continuously rippling like a water bed. Medhane comes slicing through and his vibe is aggressive, but it’s the cherry of contrast on top of “Side B” while still keeping the overall aesthetic smooth and knit.

Stream “Side B” below and be on the look out for a zine and physical release of “Side A and “Side B” coming soon.