cehryl’s new song “pockets” shivers with beautiful honesty

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From Hong Kong to Boston, Cheryl Chow is a multi-talented artist that allows her music to tell her story. She’s released a handful of tracks on her SoundCloud and has a 7-track project called chamber music on her Bandcamp. The latest addition to her budding catalog is a track called “pockets” that showcases not only her poetic, emotional songwriting and her angelic voice, but her talent with the guitar and production. The song is beautifully honest as she admits she doesn’t feel the need to be burdened with someone’s pain. She sings that it’s something that shouldn’t be expected because the wounds from expectations are worse than the actual pain. She compares the weight of the burden with it being cold and if whoever she’s addressing has pockets, why can’t he or she use them?

cehyrl — as she’s known on SoundCloud — sings over an ethereal, shivering soundscape crafted by her strummed guitar. She defines the sound as “neo-something,” and no matter how you hear it, it’s a beautiful track. Check that out below, as well as her project, chamber music, below that. I recommend you scroll through her SoundCloud a bit too and hear more of her tracks and past collaborations.