Charlotte Day Wilson shares her angelic mantra called “Work”


Shout out to froyo ma for putting me onto the beautiful voice of Toronto singer Charlotte Day Wilson. The first time I heard her was on his song called “Spent Missing” — which actually got some TV play time on the show Broad City — and while froyo’s fun, groovy instrumental was infectious, Charlotte conquered the track with her beautifully powerful vocals. With that, she’s on my radar and a couple of months later she dropped her debut single called “After All,” which allowed her to shine with emotion over minimal, ethereal production.

“Work” is her second and newest single and to her it’s a mantra to keep pushing through the hustle of making music and letting her creativity flow. The production is minimal again, but this is where Charlotte’s angelic voice can shine with strength and soul as she rides the spotlights with layers of harmonies.

If you’re in the Toronto area, I highly recommend you go and watch her open up for Daniel Caesar (who’s also worth the watch) tonight.