scallops hotel & SB the Moor are jedis on “lanquidity with the Moor”


milo is back as scallops hotel. Or maybe scallops hotel put milo aside. Whoever is in charge of Rory Ferreira’s vessel of rap and production is here with a new LP called TOO MUCH OF LIFE IS MOOD. The catch to this project is that you probably won’t ever hear it. Unless you were swift and tackled Ruby Yacht’s new web store before the tape sold out, this cassette will never be distributed digitally. It forever will live in the form of analog crispness, so good luck for you 250 (maybe more?) out there (includes me) that grabbed it and will soon be enjoying it after 7-12 days.

scallops hotel did put some bait on his fishing rod that leads to Ruby Yacht island in the form of a new song called “lanquidity with Moor,” featuring SB the Moor. The production is imaginative and subtly playful. Done by scallops hotel, like the whole project, it is simple yet effective very similar to the fashion of Plain Speaking‘s soundscapes. scallops hotel and SB the Moor take turns on the mic, passing it back and forth — literally, I believe — being manic Jedi wondering where their lunch is as they skiddadle across shivering percussion and soothing computer sounds. Come for the limited edition cassettes that are sold out, stay for the folky vinyl sample outro.

I apologize for the lateness and if you failed to grab a cassette. I wish I could make it up by ripping the cassette to digital for you so we could all enjoy it, but that would be no fun! Listen to “lanquidity with Moor” below and go on a shopping spree at the new Ruby Yacht web mall (while there’s still Plain Speaking vinyl available).