Swarvy and Devonwho release perfectly contrasting companion EPs on cassette


In the midst of geeking over new James Blake, I found time to pick up the companion EPs from the talented California beatmakers Swarvy and Devonwho. The two are ying and yang with their new projects, respectively titled Elderberry and Lyon. I’ll be waiting for my cassettes to listen to the projects in their entirety, but the singles alone should showcase the perfect contrast between the two. Swarvy’s “Spam Grease” is the car ride to the beach; windows down, warm nostalgia, cheap sunglasses and off-kilter head nods. Devonwho is the sunrise at the beach when you realize you’ve been there all night on substances you rather not name. The fat, rumbling bass carries the resonating and bright lead synthesizers that pierce the purple and orange landscape in the album art. (Can’t get better colors than those for this track and, I’m sure, album.)

Check out the two singles and grab both cassettes over at Stones Throw via Leaving Records.