Tobias’ “Side B” floats through scattered memories

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 7.44.25 PM

We recently released Tobias‘ self-titled project featuring two tracks called “Side A” and — wait for it — “Side B.” Tobias is incredibly talented and that’s not just me saying it because we have a cassette of his on our Bandcamp. Now watching a video spanning 12 minutes that lays out scattered memories of Tobias’ life from making music in his room to performing at shows to strolling around New York, it all feels so fitting. From the cruising production that bobs your head for you to the introspective, floating instrumentals, the visuals take you through a journey of Tobias’ life. It feels an autobiographical and raw approach of expressing himself; a warming welcome.

Watch the video below and check out Tobias (limited cassettes) over at our Bandcamp.