JON BAP’s guitar sways on “Gooder Than Before / Forced”

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Fresh Selects has a new release on the way from a new name for most people not from in Buffalo. JON BAP falls under too many categories underneath the “artist” tree. He’s a one-man-band-man and the band’s personal artist and all of this is showcased on his new-but-reissued song “Gooder Than Before / Forced.”

This song is the song you need when you’re hungover and your hair is all over the place and all you want to do is go stare at some sort of nature while you smoke a cigarette, even though you don’t smoke cigarettes. But it’s also the type of song you listen to while you make your hand into a street-swimming dolphin outside of your friend’s car. The guitar is off-kilter and the beauty in it lays with the lack of predictability, but swaying with it is JON BAP’s soulful, laid-back voice that carries a mean vibrato. So not only does he do those two things on the track, he plays the groovy bass and drums that lay down the swinging foundation.

JON BAP is re-releasing a 2014 release called Let It Happen with all sorts of extended goodies and you can grab a copy over at Fresh Selects — pre-orders available now.

  • OpVious

    Love this, guitar straight groovin