Greyhat buzzes in a flurry of synths on “Rolling”


He said he’d delete this soon, but the internet peer pressured him to keep it alive.

“Rolling” is Greyhat‘s newest single and it feels like the pre-game party to the album release party. Full of twists and turns, anyone’s attention can keep up. I lose track of the layers of warm, buzzing synthesizers among the whipping drums and sudden vocal samples (is that you on the mic again, Greyhat?) that sometimes queue up a neck-snapping transition. The textures used for the synthesizers range from futuristic laser beams to sizzling summers and the best is when they collide to create an introspective, euphoric rave party — makes sense, right?

Listen below and tweet at him to release all his music because 3 songs in 5 months is not enough.