Sene comes full circle as Brian Marc

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Sene has come full circle. His new single, “Let Your Lover Go” is the next step and for-now final form of the artist we’ve grown to know through different voices and names.

The Sene I was introduced to was the boom-bap side kick to Blu’s production on his debut project A Day Late and A Dollar Short. As a first step, it showed promise and potential with storytelling and rawness. It was a breath of fresh air out of the Brooklyn emcee that later lived up to his full rapping potential and creativity on Brooklyknight.

He embraced his craving for originality on Brooklyknight, even taking up some production duties and this would later expand on his next venture alongside Denitia Odigie. “denitia and sene.” was Sene’s most successful venture—Red Bull Music Academy participant, collaboration with Chad Hugo, among other things—and his most defining as an artist. Not only did he want to push outside the boundary of being a rapper and taking hold of his airy, catchy vocals, he dug deeper into his potential as a producer and created electronic, smooth R&B environments perfect for his and Denitia’s voices.

His creative exploration didn’t stop there. Sene wanted to experiment and he needed a new moniker to evade any pre-judging. Novellus was born and it was the most abstract direction he had taken to this point of his career. It sounded like the bizarro world version of denitia and sene.’s music. The electronic synths were grittier, his vocals were more spacey, the sequences were riskier.

That brings us to “Let Your Lover Go.” All of his styles have reached the gold point on the circle. The choppy production, the pop style, the catchy hooks, the ambience, the swaying rapping. It’s a song you can dance too, as well as analyze. A song that your hip-hop head friend would enjoy, as would a hipster electronic fan. The bread crumbs led to this single off of his upcoming album, aptly-titled The Extraordinary Pleasure of Being Someone Else. He has shed himself of any old moniker and is prepping his album under Brian Marc, fitting for all of the voices he has created over the years to achieve the original artist we have today.

Listen to the newest single below and hopefully we get his new album before we see him as a character in Marvel’s new show Luke Cage (which airs Sept. 30).