Blu walks among us as a titan on “Atlantis”


XXL just released their latest XXL Freshman lineup and the seven years since Blu‘s class have went by quick. Before that, Blu had scattered singles, mixtapes and most importantly, Below The Heavens. Blu’s artistry was not defined by these early days, but by the creative risks in his music that have followed. People may misinterpret the grittiness of Jesus as a misstep or the zaniness of York as a mistake, but execution has never fallen short and Blu has explored soundscapes just in the way he takes form as a titan exploring the lost land of Atlantis on his new single with Nottz.

On “Atlantis,” Blu’s on his “god shit.” His train of thought is scattered, but his observation skills are keen. Nottz leads him into this lost world of Atlantis — a metaphor for America — with the angelic vocal samples sounding like a titan’s heavenly steps. Blu’s delivery creates glimpses of American culture and struggles from suburban levels to political systems. Nottz only ripples the beat a little throughout as he knows Blu is a capable guide as he brilliantly rhymes the constrasts (“bow ties” / “coke lines”) of this life.

Titans in the Flesh comes out July 15 and will feature Johaz, Mickey Factz, Exile and others. Listen to “Atlantis” below because Blu sounds best when he sounds like he’s in heaven.

  • OpVious

    This is dope, Blu with the bars! Those beats super fresh too!