cehryl releases two new songs off of her upcoming Delusions EP

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Since I’ve become a fan, there have just been SoundCloud surprises for me to come by and enjoy from time to time. cehryl is an artist from Boston that is best equipped with a microphone and a guitar. Her music is a cryptic poetic diary and up to this point, I feel like all I have is random clippings. With her two newest songs, the good news of an EP came with them and we’re on the track to putting these clippings together.

Her first song, “sway,” is soothing and it’s impossible to shed the feeling of wanting to lay down on her calming guitar chords. But the guitar chords are meant to shelter the negative feelings of the relationship that she talks about as cehryl just wants to sway so they can have something peaceful to take their mind off of them.

The second song is a Chet Baker flip-turned-duet. cehryl goes music-noir on this boom-bap take on “You Don’t Know What Love Is.” The two voices feel like an eerie romance over the head-nodding infectious drums.

cehryl has an arsenal of styles and myriad of skills at her disposal so it’ll be interesting to hear her EP coming on July 8. It is called Delusions and the ten-track project will be available through Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and Bandcamp. No need for a free TIDAL subscription to enjoy.