Thank you!

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Thank you to all the readers that have frequented EveryDejaVu the last three and a half years to discover new music and read my and other past contributors’ thoughts.

I don’t have much time to write here and keep the discovery consistent, so I’ve decided to close down the blog portion of the website. EveryDejaVu is heading in a different direction and labeling it as a music blog feels like a slight disservice when it’s just become personal writing at this point. It was pretty apparent with no posts in two weeks, but I just had to close the door down to not further give off the wrong impression on what we are doing.

Thank you to all the writers who have written here, especially Patrick who kicked this thing off with me as we were pumping out double-digit posts in a day. Thank you to all the artists who let me interview them, especially Blu who sky-rocketed us into 200 views a day from that point on (which we thought was a huge amount compared to our 25 beforehand). Thank you the artists who allowed me to premiere their music and feature it on our compilations. Thank you to the small blogs like Potholes In My Blog (I wanted to be just like them). Thank you to all the readers who shared our posts and the discovery that came with them.

This is longer than I thought, but I wanted to be sappy. Hope you guys enjoy what we have coming through the label!

(When I have time, I’ll still be sharing some music and thoughts on my Medium.)