Contour’s ‘Softer’ available now on CD & DVD

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In a wash of harrowing synths and deadpanned snares, Contour‘s ‘Softer’ sets out to pierce through the subterfuge of language and appearance. Sami Seal begins this succinct fifteen-minute sojourn explicating the fatal cost required in any true form of love. What follows is a longing for genuine human contact, which breaches through the superficial record-skip of rote, “I love you’s” and other shallow attempts to placate a yearning soul.

Softer offers a pure translation of Contour’s emotional angst, as well as his earnestness in discovering some solution, if any should exist, for one of life’s most bewildering paradoxes.

South Carolina’s Contour released ‘Softer’ in February as an EP and as a short film. The audio and visual duality now grows closer together with our release of his project as a CD/DVD package with a lyrics and graphic booklet.

Purchase the physical copy of Softer today over at our Bandcamp and enjoy the short film below.