Pre-order Shrimpnose’s ‘Dawn’ on cassette

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We have teamed up with Minneapolis producer Shrimpnose to release his new EP called Dawn. It is a dedication to his late friend, Donnie, who passed away last week.

We had Offsite write some words about the emotional project:

If we take a Day to mean ‘the pendulum,’ swinging forth with dawn, back with dusk, only to begin anew with another fresh dawn just ahead, we’ve likewise stumbled upon a fair metaphor for a Life.

Through the brevity of Minneapolis producer Shrimpnose’s 11-minute Dawn, we get just a lick of this cycle.

Dedicated to the memory of friend Donnie Lind, Shrimpnose seems, through a sturdy atmosphere of chunky kicks and grain-laced samples, to trace ever so economically the brief in-and-out of a human life.

Beginning with the eeriness of dawn in all it’s limitlessness, proceeding through to an accomplished and sleep-ready dusk, Shrimpnose ultimately takes us to ‘back then,’ a place not so nostalgic as it is truly alive; a place where donnie must surely be smiling at his own apprehension of an oft-forgotten truth: that dawn will come again, just as ripe with unimpeded opportunity now as it was then.

You can pre-order the EP on cassette over at our Bandcamp now. Each include a sticker designed by Mike Manor. They will be shipped out in around 3-4 weeks. Thank you for all of your support.

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