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freespottie // "Fantasy"

intertwines love and ecological consciousness with whimsical melodies, offering an enchanting portrayal of affection.

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LAVAGXRL // Faith in Chaos

navigates melancholy with introspective depth, blending gritty foundations with airy overlays to explore themes of connection, trauma, and healing, culminating in an essential celebration of the fluidity of existence.

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Satchy // Overflow

recorded with a unique blend of Ableton-produced tracks and collaborations, combining modern jazz, experimental, poetry, and hip-hop to comment the effects of overconsumption in the digital age.

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Marie Kruttli // Vif

explores love, life, nature, time and her own struggles using synthesizers to create an array of expressive, distorted, and spaced-out textures for this jazzy, experimental dream pop electronic project.

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EveryDejaVu is an independent record label based out of Massachusetts. Starting as a blog in 2012, we released our first official release as a label in 2014 and have released over 20 projects since. We have released projects from j^p^n, Blu, Satchy and others spanning hip-hop, indie rock, R&B, electronic, and more. We released 5 records in 2023 and also brought back our music discovery blog, which has new articles twice a week. EveryDejaVu—in everything we do—represents the search for finding a contrast between the norm and the fantastical, and all the beauty that comes with that.

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