For Borboleta, music was the first language they understood. While they were never part of a school choir or a particularly musical family, singing privately in their bedroom sparked something magical in their psyche; they knew in their heart, and their soul, that this was the path for them.

Borboleta (formerly Rochelle Bonamie) debut EP Until That Time is a rumination on entering adulthood for the very first time, tackling themes of uncertainty, anger, curiosity and the chaos that comes with falling in love. The project started four years ago, when Leach decided to announce to their college preparatory school classmates and teachers that they wouldn’t be going to college after all. This kind of courage is palpable throughout the EP, as Leach explores very eternal feelings in their life with a powerfully distinct and cathartic lens. As well as Borboleta’s musical inspirations – ranging from Frank Ocean, Kari Faux and Missy Elliot to classic rock and Black spiritual jazz from the 60s and 70s – the natural world is key to unlocking Leach’s sound. This blend of lighthearted pop melodies and crucial messaging is what makes Borboleta’s Until That Time so essential. Expertly capturing the anxieties of their generation, while embodying the kind of timeless musicality that so rarely comes along, Borboleta has created a haven for those seeking something true and bright. “My purpose on a greater scale is to heal,” they explain. “I’ve realized through my journey that music is a tool that heals me and I hope can heal other people.”

Until That Time will be released Fall 2021.