Dear Dea

Infusing her jazz background with contemporary pop influences to create an effervescent blend of soulful alt-pop, Dear Dea employs poignant lyricism with ethereal melodies; each airy note brimming with raw emotion. With an EP on the horizon – an ode to finding solace in music amidst life’s turbulence – her work aims to guide listeners through a honeyed field of nostalgia, longing, and the eternal quest for belonging. 

The lone Finnish-born member of her family, Dear Dea’s resilient journey has centered on figuring out who she is deep down. Navigating between being a daughter of immigrants in Helsinki and her years spent in the bustling streets of New York City, she pulls from her diverse experiences and artist such as Yebba, Cleo Sol, MICHELLE, and Moonchild to craft music that taps into the universal human condition. Her debut single, “Coffee,” is slated for release this May.