Spottie Jones is a rapper and producer from Lindenwold, NJ who creates thought-provoking music that expresses his identity and creativity. He’s established himself as a hungry and aspiring musician with a goal that runs in the other direction of fame and fortune — and instead has a tangible, world-impacting meaning. His music, inspired by various genres and unique artists, has often been suggested to be perfect for video games because of its complexity.

Jones spent part of his childhood in upstate New York with his mother, often traveling into New York City where he’d become immersed in the melting pot of cultures that would influence his creative ear. Further helping his developing musical tastes was his relationship with his father, blossoming around his fifth grade year where he’d get exposed to the other side of his family. By the time that he was a teenager, he’d already started listening to genres of music like rap, alternative folk, and rock.

When Jones reached high school, he was forced out of his comfort zone when he moved out of his hometown to a new community full of wealthy families. While in this new area, he’d attend high school and join the band — getting his first taste of musical creation. Soon after, having had this lifelong fascination with music, Jones started to create songs with his friends on Garage Band — eventually sharing the 2018 EP gif (raw) to SoundCloud where it amassed hundreds of views.

By the time that he hit college, Jones knew that creating music was his passion. At Morehouse College, he formed a band called the Luv Monkeyz with a couple of like-minded individuals similarly obsessed with music. In addition to rapping, he honed a talent for creating beats after receiving an MPC.

Jones released 4 Loko with Mark IV in 2019, followed by a trifecta of projects (WutDuzDisEvnMeen, Pleroma, and Burnt Out) in 2021. Now, he’s in work mode as he gears up for the release of his next project. Finding inspiration in everything from Donnell Jones, Little Brother, and Quincy Jones, to Curren$y, Boom Clap Bachelors, and Quadron (even away from music in Allen Iverson and SpongeBob Squarepants), Jones is setting up for something special.

As he creates and prepares for the future, Jones isn’t guided by a compass pointing him towards fame or fortune. He plans to use music, in addition to being a manner of expression, to teach and outreach to others as similarly invested in it as he is. Jones plans to make music a way through which he lives his life and shares it with others in the form of mentorship, teaching, and creating a hip-hop residency for aspiring musicians to craft and workshop their art.