Juno Rucker

Born in Houston, Juno Rucker made the move to Las Vegas when he was around age 7 and moved around there, Houston, and Vegas in the years to follow. Family played an integral part in Juno Rucker’s musical journey: His mother would show him all the varied music she loved and him and his brothers would constantly show each other and trade favorite artists. Inspired by artists such as Lauryn Hill, Dominic Fike, Frank Ocean, and Sade, Juno’s true motivation to pursue his dreams of becoming an artist was losing his grandma to a terminal illness. Shortly after, he dealt with terrible health issues of his own and credits music for helping him get through it. “Music was the only thing saving me at the time. It still is.” This inspiration sparked by his personal relationships and hardships takes different forms and is channeled in his upcoming album, Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid, a project about relationships he had growing up that weren’t the best for him and the work and growth necessary to unroot those influences. His music is his peace. It’s a safe space and journal that allows Juno Rucker to talk about platonic and romantic relationships, the drama and disagreements that come with them, and any of his ideas or random thoughts that need an outlet. Juno writes and produces all of his music, but when he’s not doing that, he’s spending time with his girlfriend and friends, playing pool, skateboarding, going out to shows, doing photo shoots for fun, and thrifting. Two singles from Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid are planned to be released this spring via EveryDejaVu.