Juno Rucker

“…he’s got a really fantastic indie rock sound brewing here, with a fantastically soulful voice to top it off. The guitar-driven new single is just oozing with nostalgia and this song is honestly giving me a hint of bearface, which I’m absolutely loving.” 

– Fashionably-Early 

In the luminous sprawl of Las Vegas, amidst the neon-lit streets and glittering facades, emerges Juno Rucker, a Houston native alchemizing turmoil into soulful, self-produced works of triumph that  blend hip hop, alternative, folk, RnB, rock, indie, and pop. With coverage in Lyrical Lemonade, Fashionably Early, Rated R&B, and Wordplay Magazine, Juno Rucker is an artist on the rise, worth every ounce of attention.

His debut album, Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid, serves as a narrative of emotional catharsis – he details outgrowing relationships that no longer served him and the great effort and pains undertaken to separate himself from their sway. “This one is for Ruthy (my late grandmother). It’s for everyone who feels alone in their thoughts and feel like they can’t make a change to their life or others. You can. Just listen.”

Rooted in the love he and his family shared for musical exploration and discovery, Juno’s influences span the spectrum from Lauryn Hill to Dominic Fike, Frank Ocean, and Sade. Yet, it was a personal tragedy—the loss of his grandmother and his own battle with health issues—that became the crucible for Juno’s creative fire. Turning to music as not only an outlet, but as a sanctuary to process both his platonic and romantic trials, he shares with listeners the valuable tools he’s used to overcome life’s hardships. “Music was the only thing saving me at the time. It still is.” 

Beyond the studio’s confines, Juno also finds solace in the simple pleasures of life—skateboarding, pool games, and the thrill of a good thrift store find. He’s currently working on another project called, “WHEN I WAKE UP, I WAKE UP.”