“Mess with fire and you’ll get burned; suppress magma and you’ll never get a project like LAVAGXRL’s record Faith in Chaos. Churning, molten thoughts erupt and cool into rivulets of fizzy electronica on the Boston artist’s debut record,”

– Vanyaland

Hailing from Washington, DC, Sophia Higgins relocated to Boston to study neuroscience at Harvard University, but ended up discovering themselves through musical studies instead. It was there that they began performing under the moniker frigid—an instrumental project that transcended genres with atmospheric, glitchy noise.

Their resume reads like a roadmap to success: honing their craft under the mentorship of Grammy award-winner Esperanza Spalding and jazz virtuoso Vijay Iyer. With a background in DJing and DIY sound engineering, their unrestrained attitude of impulsive creativity became the foundation for their current project, LAVAGXRL. Through a newfound sense of authenticity, they embarked on embracing their confidence enough to sing and rap on top of their tracks,  combining influences from emo, hip-hop, and jazz .

Enter Faith in Chaos, their debut album that’s turning heads and bending minds – garnering coverage with WBUR, Chicago Music Guide, Vanyaland, New Music Weekly and 1st Day Fresh. Here, LAVAGXRL’s penchant for improvisation and spontaneity takes center stage, as playful beats collide with unexpected synth shifts. Each track is a kaleidoscope of ever-transposing hues; a display of synesthesia aided by their belief in the power of self-trust. 

Behind the glitchy beats and ethereal melodies lies LAVAGXRL’s philosophy: embrace chaos, find beauty. Marked by a relentless pursuit of creative freedom, they’re fueled by a love for experimentation and a reverence for the unexpected, inviting listeners to celebrate the fluidity of existence and defy absurdity. LAVAGXRL’s work lends a spiritually sonic experience and reminds us that in a world of uncertainty, the act of creation itself is a spell that can become quite the powerful lighthouse.