Bane Capital continue to gain momentum on ‘Good Fortune’

With the help of Blu and MED, the production duo formed a distinctive sense of self on their EP released today.
Reece Beckett
Reece Beckett
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Bane Capital, a quickly up-and-coming production duo from Toronto, are continuing to prove themselves. They are, evidently, determined to break into the current rap scene with frequent releases and a wide range of styles. 2021 saw them unleash their ‘Season 0’ on the world—a group of four LPs on which they collaborated with artists such as Raekwon and Rome Streetz. Now, they are working on ‘Season 1,’ another four projects, this time on a larger scale. 

Their new EP, Good Fortune, is one of the four Season 1 records. It’s a strong project, boasting distinctive production from the producing duo alongside great verses from Blu and MED, who made the EP with Bane Capital. Bane Capital’s dedication to working with some of the best within underground rap makes each of their projects interesting to listen to and their style all the more intriguing. Going from working with an experimental artist such as Backwoodz Studioz’s AKAI SOLO on one project to collaborating with somebody more aligned with conscious jazz rap like Blu shows impressive range. 

The EP clearly captures Bane Capital’s wide variety and quality as producers. Good Fortune’s opener, “MIGHTY(UNTOUCHABLE),” boasts a triumphant beat consisting of a distorted and slightly muffled guitar loop buried beneath bassy, deep drums at certain points on the track. The instrumental on “THEIR TING” is light and bouncy, with great vocal sampling, catchy drums, and a hypnotic piano loop. The use of ad-libs on the song adds light texture, used sparingly, standing out and catching attention when they do appear. “THROWBACK BALANCES” has the smoothest production on the record, slowing the pace of the other two more excitable tracks for a more glacial song. A vocal sample, sourced from classic soul music, drives the track, but the sparse guitar and use of bass add flavor.

Blu introduces the album on “MIGHTY(UNTOUCHABLE)” with a fiery verse about his position as a man and an artist, showing pride in his ability to provide by rapping. He speaks intelligently of how, at times, people are forced into being “villains” when trying to protect themselves and those they love. He describes being a villain “willing to rob, steal, and kill for the children.” This focus on providing for and protecting future generations is carried across the album, as is a focus on leaving a legacy as an artist. MED ends his verse saying, “Next chapter, luxury living / wine, laughter and counting cheese / the legacy!” and the focus from both rappers on providing for their families suggests the art itself is the legacy—or at the very least a part of one. They are placing the foundations for the next generations of their families and are doing so through their art.

MED’s deeper voice serves consistently as a great contrast to Blu’s—in fact, MED’s resonating voice greatly contrasts Bane Capital’s beats, too. The way MED blasts onto “THEIR TING” compliments the feature verse from Knowledge the Pirate—perhaps, the best verse on the EP—and juxtaposes the bounciness of the instrumental. His flow is staggered, finding a rhythm before suddenly switching to focus on something different, making his verse unpredictable and engaging. 

The decelerated delivery of all three rappers on “THROWBACK BALANCES” is also terrific. This change gives the song a refreshingly mellow vibe, helped further by Bane Capital’s beautiful beat. The slowed vocal sample is gentle and soulful, and the ‘60s choir, which punctuates it, is relaxing, far detached from the faster pace of the rest of the record. This pace shift is surprising but excellently executed. There is a sleepiness to the sound, but the motivational side of the verses, focused on finding peace, ensures that the song remains engaging. Blu’s verse is deeply moving as he talks about how everybody, to some extent, has been “violated,” but that “we not all for violence” because of that past. Instead, Blu advocates for peace and being righteous—explaining that path will “see how we can be giants.” His verse is historically-minded and political, painting a hopeful portrait of a collective ability to move past America’s bleak history and its oppression of black people in particular.

On “Their Ting,” MED claims he’s “one of New York’s best / here to put these clowns to rest.” With the talent shown on Good Fortune, there’s certainly truth in his words. Good Fortune is smooth and well produced with great verses and performances that craft an engaging, lively listen full of passion. Each artist is given the time to prove themselves and to let their personality shine through in their music, giving Good Fortune a distinctive sense of self. There is a surprising variety within the production, flows, focuses, and moods on the EP’s three tracks. Good Fortune sees Bane Capital building momentum, continuing their work with some of hip-hop’s finest while maintaining their own cool musical style.

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