JWords brings high energy to her new electronic album, ‘moods’

It’s high energy, exciting electronic music from a producer with evident passion and a distinctive creative voice.
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Having released Untitled in January, electronic producer and composer JWords is back already with moods, a new collection of instrumental electronic tracks.

On moods, JWords shows this willingness to merge a brave variety of styles with her electronic production. Often, a short instrumental album could feel like filler or a way to toy with new ideas musically, but in this case it feels much more like a fully realized and fleshed-out project. 

The album begins with the energetic ‘limitless,’ It has tiny hi-hats and consistent claps that work in conjunction with a variety of synthesizer sounds.They gradually build in tempo and intensity before fading out under a murky filter during the song’s last few seconds. ‘Blessed’ follows with a thumping drum-beat and relentless, choppy bass, its high energy is contrasted with the beauty of its keys. 

Each song on moods is also sure not to overstay its welcome, staying short and energetic rather than wearing the album’s energy down by overstuffing it. This restraint gives the album a terrific flow as the energy from one track bleeds seamlessly into the next. 

‘Joyful’ is perhaps the highlight of the album—an oppressive and vulgar beat with incredibly fast and heavy bass. The stinging synths sound like a beeping smoke alarm, further disorienting and overwhelming the track. “Enjoy the Ride” contrasts—it’s more laid-back and serene.

As the album goes on, each track introduces new, engaging elements and ideas to maintain excitement. Building upon itself consistently, the album is frequently surprising due to sudden shifts in tone or even sub-genre, but it remains contained and cohesive. JWords’ ability to create these thrilling loops and then frequently add more to them keeps the listener on their toes, but it is in those links between each track that her style really speaks for itself. “Joyful” and “enjoy the ride” couldn’t sound more different from one another in the context of the album, and yet on moods they fit together perfectly. It’s high energy, exciting electronic music from a producer with evident passion and a distinctive creative voice.

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