Kossisko transforms into a sassy, confident slayer of horrible vibes

The nu-funk artist's latest jubilant and celebratory single, "Slay," forces ass shaking and people bouncing.
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A singer-songwriter from Boston, MA that also writes blogs about music from time to time. A loud and proud as fuck member of the Alt-Black, LGBT and autistic community.

Some songs don’t really need a backstory to have an impact on the quality of the music, but it does help. In this case, what makes “Slay” such an anthem is how jubilant and celebratory it is. Kossisko aims to have ass shaking and people bouncing in the mirror. This will seem abrupt after the music that Kossi had been dropping in the past and you wouldn’t be blamed for the confusion. After all, from the nocturnal synthpop of “This May Be Me” to a few songs off of World of Trouble, song after song painted Kossisko’s career as a successful yet emotionally and spiritually unfulfilling one. One where hella money is made, booty is in great supply but true love can’t really be found. He has even mentioned selling his soul in one song. What brought this new attitude on after albums of nihilistic alt-R&B? Let Kossi tell it, it would be due to a near-death experience. 

On Instagram, they went into full detail about what had happened, and it is through those details (and the brief mention of his state of mind in the bridge) that the flip from the nocturnal, emotionally depressed model/philanderer found a new lease on life and turned into a sassy, confident slayer of horrible vibes. What better music to communicate this energy with than Prince’s infectious Minneapolis funk sound? (Kossi did hint that the sound they were going for was Morris Day and The Time, but I say that as long as the funk was present, the names are irrelevant.)

As anyone knows, if you are going to take on Prince’s Minneapolis funk sound, you can’t do so without that show stopping mmph that Prince packs into every song and performance, and if anyone is well-aware of this, it’s Kossisko. Hell, Kossi opens the track by saying, “When I die, bury me face down so the world can kiss my ass,” and by the time the chorus bumps its way through with funky drums, heart-bursting brass and bouncy bass, you feel every sentiment. Kossi reminds you not only of one’s power, but the ability to look good using it. There is no promise of whether you became a fan like he declares after this, but by the time the song ends, you will either start to feel like the baddest, head-turning bitch in the room or wonder what Kossisko has next up their sleeve.

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