Review: Our Favorite New Star,

my favorite star, and the chapters of her accession by is an uplifting EP for heartbroken girlies.
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Madison Bulnes
Writer and visual artist living in Brooklyn. She studied creative writing at NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study. You can find more of her at

My favorite star, and the chapters of her accession tells a story — a hyperpop and ethereal one — of another world in the clouds with The debut EP was released in 2021 as a follow up to multiple singles from 2019 to 2021 and Soundcloud mixes from 2015. Over the years, went from hot-girl rap to experimenting with singing, pop music, and dreams.

In her “new dreams,” an enchanting fairycore hymn opens up the gates to harmonizing echoes. A minute later, the echoes transform into a PC drum and bass break. Together, they slowly prepare listeners for the “new me” finds and shares with my favorite star, and the chapters of her accession. The production is pristine, the lyrics are personal, and the sound is R&B Baby Spice seen through pale colors.

When chapter one begins,’s vocals are focused more on singing rather than rapping. Even with multiple samples, layered voices, and varying pitches, it is clear this EP is about’s rise as a pop star in an electronic world. The beats in the back are constantly cut and skipped but are always smoothly blended together. Adding her soft voice to the melody makes “curious…” feel like an intimate confession compared to her previous club singles from before. 

Yet, didn’t fully abandon her flow. On “seven months,” the spotlight elegant ballad, she softly raps parts like, “had me thinking I needed you like I breathed you / you told me you needed space and I should believe you / but when I look into your eyes, how can I leave you?” The combination works seamlessly and makes what she describes on her YouTube channel as “the stupid ugly why’d I ever even meet you chapter” to something playful. It will be interesting to see if she continues blending this new sound with her former ass throwing club music.

Following the EP’s slow song is the best track of the EP. “Ifmy” sounds like it could be on Charli XCX’s how i’m feeling now. There’s a cutesy rhythm and heartbroken lyrics. Halfway into the song, lets out all of her built up emotions starting with, “I remember everything like how you said you’ll never leave me / you said that you would be there for me. / Now I see what you really mean.” A background voice sounding much like Laura Les screams in unison to show’s true pain. The shrieks are unexpected yet strategically placed and bring up emo aggression. 

In the same way the my favorite star, and the chapters of her accession begins, the story ends. grows into her final optimistic form in the wholesome “sunlight heals” featuring Lil Zubin and Nev Ver, but she says her final heavenly goodbye in “you were meant for me.” The structure is an exact replica of “new dreams” –– repeating lyrics, techno beat breaks, and whispered voices. The closure holds her strongest lyrics too: “You don’t have to understand to believe / you don’t have to open your eyes to see / even through it all / you were meant for me / I know sometimes it’s hard to see / and sometimes it feels bittersweet but you gotta know.” It perfectly ties the storybook close as an uplifting EP for heartbroken girlies.  

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